The annual Run For Faith commemorates the life of Faith Marcia Romboldi. Sadly, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008 and passed from this world to the next on August 1st, 2010. However, it's not her death that she's remembered for, but rather her life - a full life that is still living today!

Faith "Marcy" Romboldi Was A Wife In a modern world where relationships come and go, Faith and Russell J. Romboldi shared each others lives as they were married for 43 years.

Faith "Marcy" Romboldi Was A Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Aunt

Faith was the daughter of Bonnye Borcherding of Ohio and the Rev. Charles Haigh and step daughter of the Ralph Borcherding. Sister of Fred Haigh of Indiana, Steve Haigh of CA. and Nancy Haigh of Ohio. She was also the mother of Lisa M. O'Hanley and her husband P.J. of Plymouth (owners of The Water Street Cafe), Rusty and his wife Litza of Plymouth (owners of The ZIGGY'S) and Matthew and his wife Nicole of Plymouth (owners of Lombard Waste Services). She loved and was loved by her grandchildren Mary, Tristan and Amy O'Hanley and Laura, Nathan and Charles Romboldi.

"About My Mom... A patient, never critical mother, who taught me a respect for history, both local and family. She loved the Plantation and all the history in the town...and would gladly give all and any guests a tour without a complaint. I remember her doing that many times. Of course, I used to think that was so boring..!!! She brought me into the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)

When she was dying, she cried one day and told me that she really missed cooking for my Dad...and that's when I really learned that cooking isn't a chore.. it's an act of love...and now, honestly, I really like to bake cookies for my kids.. I GET it.. if you know what I mean. She also helped us with cafe (Water Street Cafe) in the beginning. She was our baker for the first few years, making our cookies, scones and coffeecakes. That was another act of love because it was hard. She got up early to make them so that they were hot in the morning. My Dad would bring them down and she always baked with my kids too.

My son really misses that. She loved little kids...truly. She would get on the floor and play with them, loved taking them to the library. She took us all the time when we were little too...Lisa"

I think I was in denial the whole time my mother was sick; simply because she never complained. She never led on that she was in any pain because she never wanted anyone to worry about her. Her illness, in many ways, showed me how strong she was and how genuine her faith was. You could tell she loved life, loved God, and loved her family. She was the most faithful and devoted woman I will ever know. Her quiet shyness and strong morals push me everyday to try harder. I aspire to be more like her. She was always a lady and I am blessed to have called her "Mom"...Matt Romboldi

My first thought when meeting Marcy, was "She can't be for real". The gentle, unassuming, tender and kind women I was coming to know could not be serious. She welcomed me into her home and brought me into her family with invisible angel wings that ushered me into acceptance. She had no judgments, she had no criticism, she had no narcissism. The only things this woman had were smiles and love that was pure and honest (not to mention cookies and hats...lots of cookies and hats!).

She was perhaps the only person I had ever met in my life who didn't make me feel bad or guilty about who I was and where I came from. My life experiences had led me to understand the world as a place where people could not be trusted and that you could only depend on yourself. Marcy softened my ideas about that world and opened them up to the potential and capacity of love in all places through examples in her own life. Whether it was one of the many poignant cards she wrote, thoughtful gifts she gave, delectable cookies she baked or radiant smiles she flashed, Marcy was in fact "for real". She went out of her way to make me feel included.

I am proud to say that I am part of her family and I will be grateful if I can act as an extension of her life through this non-profit. If I can feel an impact this great from one woman in my life as an individual, I can't imagine what the love and gratitude everyone else she touched during her life surmounts to. Even though Marcy did most of the work herself while she was here on earth, those of us whose lives were forever changed by her existence have a responsibility to further extend that love and caring into the community. I have no doubts that we, as a non-profit, can tap into that energy that continues to live within each of us and pass it on to future generations who surely benefit from this awesome woman...Nicole Hayes Romboldi

"Aunt Marcy, I will always remember your kind smile and how everyone had nothing but the best to say of you when they found out I was your great nephew. Your chocolate chip cookies were by far the best, an art no one could duplicate. Even though I have not stayed in touch with much of the family in the past few years we love you and miss you and you'll always be a part of us...James and Elizabeth Romboldi" Faith "Marcy" Romboldi Loved Life & Was A Friend Born in Haverhill, Ma. May 12, 1944. Marcia graduated from Baker University and was a School Teacher for both the Kingston and Plymouth Schools systems. She was an outgoing and long time member of the P.E.O., D.A.R., the Red Hats Society and the Sweet Adeline's.


"God gave a beautiful gift to all of us, when he gave us the loving, kind heart of Marcy's. Those who knew Marcy knew she was always thinking of others, even at a time in her life when she was suffering with her own pain. I thank God that I was blessed to know a Wonderful Friend like Marcy. Rest now Marcy & sing with the Angel's!"


"Marcy was the most gentle and kind person I knew. I am a better person for having Marcy as a part of my life in growing up. She is an Angel now. She has received her wings and now Marcy fly with them and watch over all who loved you."


"Marcy's smiling face and uplifting spirit will be sadly missed, but the gentle imprint she left on friends' and family's hearts will be with us forever. She was like an angel on earth. Now in heaven, just imagine her glory!"


"She was the most thoughtful person I have ever known and not only in person but when writing letters of sympathy or encouragement. She never seemed to overlook anyone's suffering or celebration. I always admired her hats, she could wear them as well as Princess Di."

"Marcy, struck me as a strong, reserved, honest, genuine, upstanding person whom you just HAD to respect because she didn't gossip or pass judgment or speak ill of anyone. I honestly don't think anyone could ever say a bad word about her because there was nothing negative to say! Always, always, always wrote thank you notes and was super appreciative of little things people did for her and her family."


"I know Marcy from Red Hats - I was truly blessed to have known her. Please know her sisters in the Red Hat Mama's will miss her greatly. Her smile and graciousness will always be treasured by our members. Our love to all her family."


Marcy was a model of wonderful personal qualities. She always found the best in others. By any measure, Marcy was extraordinarily revered by all who knew her...a blend of respect, admiration and devotion to family and friends. Marcy reached out and added a welcome dimension to every life (and there were many) she touched and was never too busy to help anyone. She went out of her way to make life easier for others no matter how much more difficult she made it for herself. Marcy did things for people we will never know about. She asked about your life and actually listened to what you said.


Our family has been blessed with Marcy's endless friendship for over 45 years. We will be forever indebted and grateful for her role in our family's life. When we think of Marcy we think of her love and tenderness for her family, her integrity, dependability and loyalty... she was always there for her family and friends.... among her superlatives - her homemade chocolate chip cookies come to mind. Sweet Adeline's, The Red Hat's Society, Daughters of the American Revolution and her Church were just a few of the many organizations which she supported by her active participation. Marcy was devoted to her parents and an enormous success as a wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend. She faced her illness with courage and selflessness - always thinking of others. You can tell a lot about a person from the way her friends remember her after she is gone. Marcy set an example for the rest of us. We will miss her dearly and her loss will be shared by many.